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Robert H. Farias Curricula Vitae for Expert Witness Services

Because of his unique and vast experience as a CPA generating tens of thousands of financial statements for Community Pharmacies, Robert Farias has served as a trusted designated or recognized Court Expert Witness in Pharmacy matters on dozens of cases across the U.S. He has also assisted as a Consultant evaluating other experts’ work providing knowledgeable second opinions. Since 1975, 80% of his business has consisted of dealing with Community Pharmacy owners regarding inventory, cash flow, profitability, internal control, even software development design; experience that exceeds most other accountants in this particular field.

Farias has become a strong advocate for pharmacy owners; court matters have included embezzlement, as well as defending owners against Medi-Cal and Department of Health Services (DHS) overbilling accusations and audits, attempts to terminate provider licenses, disputes with business associates and loss of value.

More information can also be found on his Pharmacy Expert Witness Bio by clicking here.

Also a reliable Forensic Accounting Expert Witness throughout the Country for the past 35 years, his company has represented clients in more than 100 different types of businesses equipping Farias with unique qualifications necessary for testifying in just about every type of financial issue. His extensive experience includes Retail, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Service Industries such as Health Care along with other licensed professionals. He has already served as a designated or recognized Court Expert in Forensic Accounting for more than 50 cases as well as a Consultant on numerous occasions, providing testimony regarding matters such as embezzlement, fraud, taxes, conversions and diverting, asset dissipation, liquidations, royalties, overbillings and bankruptcy as well as divorce to determine concealed funds. Cases against governmental agencies have been won with the aid of Farias’ findings and he has been successful helping with bad loan claims against national banking institutions.

More information can also be found on his Forensic Accounting Expert Witness Bio by clicking here.

Complete Curricula Vitae for Pharmacy Expert Witness and for Forensic Accounting Expert Witness provide Summaries, Actual Case Examples, Resume and Academic/Professional Credentials along with Expert Witness Appearance Lists for both Pharmacy Cases and Forensic Accounting Cases he has been retained for.