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About Farias Jett & Company

Robert H. Farias founded Farias-Jett & Company in 1983. Since then he has served as Managing Partner and Partner-in-Charge of the successful accounting firm. Shortly after graduating from Cal State Los Angeles in 1974 he joined the highly respected Glendale, California CPA firm Kennedy & Kennedy. When he arrived the company required nine bookkeepers to spend up to 15 hours every month per client preparing financial statements by hand. Farias developed and implemented computer-based technologies to replace manual functions. By utilizing a mini-computer, he was able to reduce overhead by cutting manpower in half and dropping the time spent processing the same data by two-thirds. In 1977 he purchased the CPA firm, combined traditional financial services with high-level business consulting and computer-aided solutions.

Today Farias-Jett & Company continues to use up-to-the-minute automated tools to help small businesses all over the nation. The Los Angeles County-based company is licensed to practice in California and Texas, employs five degreed accountants, including three CPAs, administrative and support personnel with vast experience in over 100 different types of businesses and industries. The firm has processed over 40,000 financial statements and countless tax returns for individuals and for businesses. Farias-Jett also focuses on third party reconciliations, business valuations, gross profit and program cost analysis, internal control evaluations, in-depth reviewing and analysis of legal billings.

The company also provides software and services for bookkeeping, accounting and payroll including point-of-sale systems installation and management, offsite storage and monitoring. Farias has designed, developed and overseen the programming of dozens of computerized accounting and reporting systems. He has decades of experience in design, development and implementation of computerized accounting systems with extensive knowledge in projecting earnings, profits, profit margins and compensation levels.

Farias has also been involved in negotiating the sales, mergers and acquisitions of more than 50 businesses. Over the past 35 years he has provided Attorney’s litigation support in dozens of cases as a Pharmacy Expert Witness as well as a Forensic Accounting Expert Witness reconstructing financial transactions and much more.

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