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Pharmacy Accounting

As business owners, independent community pharmacies need help. They are highly trained professionals running a business and don’t necessarily have the tools to defend themselves when a government agency makes allegations that they have overcharged or overbilled.

Since 1975, FariasJett & Company has been providing tax and accounting services for an array of different types of industries with 80% of its primary focus aiding independent pharmacies. Decades of experience dealing with community pharmacy owners regarding inventory, cash flow, profitability, internal control, even software development design, has allotted Farias-Jett vast experience in this particular field.

Because of his unique and vast experience, Owner and CEO of Farias-Jett, Robert Farias has become well-known in this industry and retained as a trusted Pharmacy Expert Witness for the past three decades. He has become a strong advocate for pharmacy owners, who have seen their profits cut due to lack of control over the pricing mandated by insurance companies along with state and federal agencies. His company has developed several proprietary programs and processes allowing them to perform parallel audit assessments applying the same techniques used by government agencies. As a result Farias-Jett has been able to efficiently anticipate audit results and provide clients with information necessary to accurately rebut and/or contradict the findings of agency auditors.

The two most common state audits that affect independent pharmacies in California are conducted by the State Board of Equalization (the agency that collects Sales Tax) and the Department of Health Services (which audits Medi-Cal accounts).