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Court-Recognized Forensic Expert Witness

Many businesses are sued for something they may or may not have done. Sometimes a business will retain an attorney before litigation has been initiated to determine whether or not there may or may not be a case. Farias-Jett represents clients during this process as well as in mediation, arbitration and in court. Economic damages must be either proven or disproven and a plaintiff or defendant needs to retain the services of an economist/expert who understands how those damages are to be calculated. On dozens of occasions Farias-Jett has been called upon to testify in a variety of business, financial and valuation methodologies. Our Expert Witness testimonies have included disputes with attorney’s fees, medical bills, bankruptcy reorganization, and claims from governmental and regulatory agencies as well as fraud allegation, dissolution of partnerships and true valuation of disaster damages. We can determine the worth of a business for sale or for emanate domain litigation.

On several occasions we have also proven the amount of defalcation (internal theft by an employee or vendor); we determine how much was stolen from a company and often the accused has wound up serving time from our findings.

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