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Counsel in Bankruptcy/Expert Liquidation Analysis

When a company finds itself in financial trouble many business owners tend to tap into their personal funds, borrow against their homes, take money from their retirement accounts as well as from the company’s payroll taxes (or Trust Fund Tax withholdings) and use them in an attempt to keep the business afloat. This however is usually not the best strategy. Farias-Jett will often perform Prepetition Planning for clients: sometimes bankruptcy is the best solution because of the ability to use the bankruptcy court to keep the company alive while negotiating debts down in order for the business to survive its economic struggles. We understand the bankruptcy process and assist clients in working with an attorney to restructure businesses. We provide valuable insight to the business owner and offer a level of comfort often necessary for a client to understand there usually is hope; we more than likely can figure out their financial difficulties.

Our Expert Liquidation Analysis process allows us to evaluate what the realizable value would be if a company were to be liquidated giving creditors pennies on the dollar, or keeping the company alive allowing creditors the possibility of receiving more than they would get if the company was, in fact, liquidated.