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Aid in Purchasing or Selling a Business

When a business owner decides to sell a business or a potential buyer is interested in purchasing an existing one, help is often needed to decipher how much the company is really worth. Farias-Jett has assisted over 100 organizations in analyzing, structuring, brokering and/or negotiating either on the purchasing or selling of a business.

Sometimes there are unrealistic expectations regarding how much a business is worth; a potential buyer may not feel comfortable paying the asking price because the company’s revenues do not support the amount asked for. A potential buyer needs to be sure they can take a wage for their labors from the business they wish to purchase, along with accumulating enough profit to support the purchase price. A business generating $100,000 a year in total profit, while factoring in items such as Owner’s Compensation, probably could not sell for $1,000,000. We research all of a company’s financial records using a variety of factors (versus relying on what is being provided by internal bookkeeping) to determine the true amount of profit a company is earning and a fair asking price.